Previous Media Attention

WTTW   (program originally operated under "CM4C")

WGN   (this is also a Recipe for Change program although it was not properly credited in the piece)

NBC (an NBC story describing the program in Italy and mentioning Recipe for Change/Chef Bruno)

RAI (Italian television station)

Huffington Post


Il Mattino  il Mattino (Italian newspaper in Padua, Italy)  

Fra Noi (Chicago area Italian American newspaper)

DNA Info

Medill Northwestern


YouTube: Serving Time Film Trailer   (trailer/information about the documentary)

First pizza oven ever in the prison system

We are a huge step closer to having all the necessary equipment for our program thanks to all our donators! We now have a beautiful pizza oven for our students to use, one of the first ever implemented in a prison.

Check out our mention in the Huffington post

Joseph Erbentraut from the Huffington post wrote a great article about us, read it here

Also take a look at our feature in WTTW Chicago's video below

Prison food may be notoriously bad but some inmates at Cook County Jail are learning to make their own high-end cuisine. We'll tell you about a novel culinary course now underway at the jail. Find out what's cooking and how inmates are creating a different type of prison food.